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Find and export metadata in Lightroom

Finds photos with missing metadata in Adobe Lightroom database. Export data too - Windows Software $5. Adobe Lightroom does amazing things with metadata. You can quickly and easily add keywords and find photos with those keywords. You can even find which photos are missing keywords or captions. However, there are some things you can't find - like all the photos that are missing a Copyright notice! An important piece of information if you are uploading photos for stock agencies.

Ligthroom Metadata Explorer 1.0   26-Nov-07   English   488 KB

Lightroom Metadata Explorer is a Windows application (sorry Mac users) that allows you to find which photos are missing the information in the Copyright and Copyright Status fields. Lightroom Metadata Explorer reads the XMP data stored in the Lightroom database and quickly shows you which photos are missing these fields and other fields including Keywords, Title, City, Location, State, Country and Rating. Lightroom Metadata Explorer only reads data from the database, it never writes any data to it so you need not worry it making any changes to the database. Due the the enormous number of photos you may have in your database, Lightroom Metadata Explorer displays photos in one Lightroom collection at a time. You can even select different Lightroom catalogs to explore and export the data to text file (xml format) and import the file into Excel or another application.

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