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Mix2Minion - Anonymous Email Sender

Mix2Minion - Anonymous Email Sender. Anonymous Email Made Easy - Windows Demo $99. Mix2Minion is a software suite that lets you send and receive very anonymous mail. You Do Not Even Need An Email-Address! Operating System: Windows (all versions). Reclaim Your Privacy and Increase Your Internet Security! Mix2Minion - Anonymous Email Made Easy! Anonymity on the Internet Must be Protected There are many reasons one may want to protect their real identity.

Mix2Minion 1.3.0   1-Mar-08   English   3.2 MB

Put simply you have a right to privacy and anonymity as long as you use those rights ethically and responsibly. You may want to protect yourself from an oppressive government, Send something to a journalist, Communicate with a self-help organization, or just want to post all those politically incorrect thoughts. WebSite:

Send Email Anonymously Privacy. Security Remailer PGP Encryption Secret Sender Easy.   Mix2Minion
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