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A great tool for highly targeted traffic

A great tool highly targeting traffic and backlinks based on keyword research - Windows Software $7. This software will help you find your customers in your target market like nothing else out there. The Groovytastic Blog Digger seeks out blogs based on keyword entry. The great thing that separates this tool from most blogging softwares is that it seeks out blogs the DO NOT use the "no follow" attributes.

The Groovytastic Blog Digger Version 1   7-Feb-08   English   1.2 MB

By using this tool, you can highly target your traffic because it will find people interested in your niche, since it seeks out blogs related by keyword relevancy. Moreover, these links that you attain back to your own blog, website, or sales pages will actually count in the search engines! It's works for getting you highly targeted traffic fast.

Blogging Link Tools SEO Traffic. Back Great Highly Targeting Backlinks Based Keyword Research.   The Groovytastic Blog Digger
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