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Doc2shop - Microsoft Word add-on shop builder

Doc2shop works with Microsoft Word to create professional ecommerce webshops - Windows Software $95. Doc2shop is ecommerce authoring software that plugs into Microsoft Word. From within Microsoft Word, Doc2shop is capable of generating a highly professional and fully featured Webshop for upload to the Internet. With Doc2shop, anyone can use the familiar Microsoft Word environment to author professional and highly functional ecommerce enabled websites. Publish directly to the Internet from within Microsoft Word itself. Doc2shop uses its own scripts and design templates for a professional look and feel. Build a fully featured, highly customisable, search engine friendly ecommerce website working entirely in Microsoft Word! Doc2shop links to an online shopping cart that enables a wide range of functionality.

Doc2shop 1.3e   4-Jul-07   English   3.3 MB

Use multiple shipping zones, shipping by weight, shipping by units, shipping by value etc. Doc2shop can be used to sell physical goods as well as goods for download (digital goods). A full range of credit card and other payment processing options are available, including Paypal. Doc2shop produces very lightweight HTML. This means that a Doc2shop webshop can be uploaded almost anywhere and is a truly robust ecommerce solution - there are no complex or expensive databases to go wrong. It is extremely search engine friendly - Doc2shop is also capable of producing a RSS feed of all shopping data. Doc2shop can import and export to CSV, Joomla and osCommerce. Use Doc2shop as a way of easily creating product data for osCommerce or for enhancing a Joomla website. Doc2shop comes with a number of professionally designed templates. Additional templates may be added if required. Doc2shop design comes from standard CSS style sheets which can easily be edited if required. In short, Doc2shop is probably one of the easiest ways of creating effective and professional looking ecommerce enabled webshops that you'll ever come across!

Ecommerce Webshop Authoring Word. Microsoft Create Joomla Works Professional Builder.   Doc2shop
  • Software Download from Dave Beaumont
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
  • Expiration: Free version is limited to 10 products
  • No Install Support
  • Minor Update
  • Requirements: Requires Microsoft Word 2000 or later