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Install and run Payments Systems in MINUTES

WebmateX PaySat Payments for WIN servers - Install, Test and GO LIVE in MINUTES - Windows Software $39.99. Problem. For any Ecommerce business taking secure online payments is essential. Small companies rarely have the time or experience to design Websites. Installing secure payment systems is a costly time consuming affair. New applicants often wait months for their first Merchant Account. Solution. WebmateX Secure Payments - Install, Test and GO LIVE in MINUTES! Secure Payment Systems which install and configure themselves? Yes - And with all these added features: ASP3 running on dedicated and hosted Windows Servers, Attractive Shopcart and Checkout pages (as used on our site), Handle multiple products in one order, Automatic sales total, Online Order Transaction Log, Online Order Confirmation Log, Online Email Order Confirmation to Customer, Online Email Order Confirmation to Merchant, Secure Payments, No Server Certificates required, Both Visa/Mastcard and Egold available, FREE Merchant Accounts, Instant SignUp, Instant Acceptance, International Accounts accepted, Just 5% commission charge.

WebmateX PaySat Online 2.0.0   5-Jan-05   English   144 KB

Just consider...Avoid high Commission Rates, Callback Charges and Extra Fees and Conditions. Avoid costly Web Design and expertise. Get up and running fast! WebmateX EGold - Install, Test and GO LIVE in MINUTES! And more magic! Fill just three or four boxes - account numbers, Email - WebmateX does the rest: Fully compatible with all WebmateX generated sites, Generates ALL required code and root files, Copies and Integrates Payments with your WebmateX site, content and products/pages, Fast Automatic WebmateX FTP upload, Control Panel links to Merchant Account, System Test page, Orders log and FTP Browser, Rapid server response, No broken links, bad code, debugging and eye strain. Design your site in-house - in hours, Install your Payments System - yourself - in minutes. Running your own quality commercial website has never been easier. Avoid the Hassle and Heartbreak of those installation blues. Save time, money AND have fun? Eveything is possible with WebmateX - Just Click!

System Merchant Account Visa. Mastercard Servers Install LIVE MINUTES Run.   WebmateX PaySat Online Payments.
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  • Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • New Release
  • Changes since the last release: Installation, configuration, FTP transfer and test all performed automatically in around 3 minutes. Idiot proof!.
  • Requirements: minimum windows configuration.