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WebmateX Shopping Cart

The WebmateX Shopping Cart is THE easiest to install - Windows Software $49.99. The WebmateX Shopping Cart is THE easiest to install! The WebmateX Shopping Cart is a Cookie driven A.S.P. (Active Server Pages) program for Windows Servers which installs to the /root/scripts folder to provide full shopping cart support for the products on your Webmatex generated website. It installs directly to your hard drive and generates the WebmateX Shopping Cart script as used on our site.

WebmateX Shopping Cart 1.0.0   5-Jan-05   English   1.5 MB

To facilitate the installation process an FTP session is automatically started and all required folders and files are drag and dropped to the server root. Done - its that easy! Your Shopping Cart is now working and your free to concentrate on the next step - finding a payment method. Handles multiple products in one order. Automatic sales total. Fully compatible with WebmateX. Installes in seconds to your discs root folder - just drag & drop! Easy to read, fully functional, and far more attractive than most other cart programs. **Note - Requires WebmateX Light Family Edition.

Easy ShopCart. Installable Egold Easiest.   WebmateX Shopping Cart
  • Software Download from WebmateX Corp.
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
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  • Requirements: minimum windows configuration.