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Webmatex Secure Egold Payments System

Webmatex Secure Egold Payments System for Windows servers - Windows Software $99.99. Webmatex Secure Egold Payments System is an A.S.P.(Active Server Pages) program for Windows Servers. It installs directly to your hard drive. It accepts Egold account details and generates a suite of payments scripts to manage secure online Egold payments (in conjunction with WebmateX Shopping Cart). To facilitate the installation process an FTP session is automatically started and all required folders and files are copied to the server root. Done! You can now accept payments in Egold - its that easy. Online Order Processing log included.

WebmateX Secure Egold Payment 1.0.0   5-Jan-05   English   1.5 MB

If your a new or startup Ecommerce business then taking secure online payments is essential. Most online companies have little experience in installing secure payment systems, and many often must wait months to get their first Merchant Account. Egold is discrete, trusted, and allows you to trade in major international currencies. The costs are very reasonable and account setup is free. The WebmateX Shopping Cart provides a seamless interface to Webmatex Egold Payments, allowing your customers secure shopping and allowing you global online trading. If you are reluctant to hire expensive expertise or just want your site up and running fast then Webmatex Egold Payments is a perfect compliment to WebmateX and WebmateX Shopping Cart. Egold Payments is delivered as a complete package which writes your Egold Account details and Web Site address directly into the script code and a /root/scripts folder. It also starts an FTP session so you have only to drag and drop the folders to your server to get started! (As used on our site) No programming or testing - You will be taking payments in minutes. Egold Payments requires WebmateX Shopping Cart. Save time, money AND have fun? Eveything is possible with WebmateX - Just click!

System Merchant Account. Order Processing Servers.   WebmateX Secure Egold Payment
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Requirements: minimum windows configuration.