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The easy way to build 360 degrees panoramas

High Resolutioin 360 Degrees Panoramic Image Creation Tool - Windows Software $69.99. i.Vista panorama is a tool where consecutive pictures taken from a digital camera are put together to create a 360 degrees panoramic image. 1. Creates a high quality 360 degrees panoramic image by using only a tripod (No special equipment need.

i.Vista Panorama 1.0   1-Dec-04   English   9.9 MB

Rotator etc) 2. Automatic stitch 3. Automatic correction of lens distortion (Support a wide angle and semi-fisheye lens) 4. Automatic correction of brightness 5. Automatic correction of camera tilt 6. Supports cylinder / sphere mapping 7. No camera information needed (Type of camera is irrelevant) 8. Function to print one panoramic image onto several pages 9. VR saving method: QTVR, Java viewer (JPEG) etc

VR 360 Photo Picture Stitch. High Resolutioin Degrees Image Creation Tool Easy Way Build.   i.Vista Panorama
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  • Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expiration: Watermarking a logo is put over the panoramic image
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  • Requirements: Intel Pentium III or higher