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Design interactive streaming presentations

Design interactive presentations featuring synchronised streaming media - Demo. SHOWSTREAM ONLINE RICH-MEDIA PRESENTATION SYSTEM ShowStream Online combines streaming audio and video, images and text into synchronised presentations. As the audio or video file plays, the text and images keep in step. Select a specific part of the presentation and everything else synchronises. ShowStream Online delivers a standards-based, non-proprietary solution. There are no special plug-ins. The browsers and media players required are free to download. You can run ShowStream presentations as stand-alone applications, or use them in websites, intranets and Learning Management Systems.

ShowStream Online 1.0   2-Oct-04   English   64 KB

Creating ShowStream presentations is cost-effective, quick and easy. You design your presentation online - there is nothing to install and no programming skills are required. You can choose from a wide range of layouts, colour schemes and optional features to customise your presentation. Suggested uses include e-learning and education, corporate and financial communication, marketing and product support. DESIGN PRESENTATIONS FREE You can try out ShowStream Online free. You simply log into the ShowStream Online Presentation Design site and begin. All you need to start is the URL of your video or audio file. ShowStream Online has a familiar Windows-style interface and requires no programming skills. You can make and preview changes at any time. Designing ShowStream presentations is completely free. You only need to become a subscriber when you want to make your finished presentation available to other people. When you publish your presentation, ShowStream Online creates a set of standard web pages and resources that you can download instantly. You now have an independent presentation that you can integrate into your website or LMS, or distribute for stand-alone use. - Low cost pay-as-you-go subscription - Only $99 for a 7-day subscription - Unrestricted use of published presentations

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