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Spreadsheet templates on a web page

ASP.NET spreadsheet Cells may contain text, labels, dates, numbers or formulas - Windows Software $19.95. This ASP.NET server control creates a spreadsheet grid and enables formulas, numbers, text, labels and dates in cells. Use in financial calculators or anywhere else a spreadsheet template is used...albeit in a web page! FAQ What functions are supported (Sum(),Year(), etc.)? All functionality from the .NET System.dll framework are supported. For example: Basic math: [c0r0]+[c0r1] System.Math namespace: Math.Pow(1+[c1r7],2) Strings: "[c0r1]".Trim().Replace("$","").Substring(0,1) Dates: DateTime d=new DateTime([c1r0]);return d.Year; Formula cell references such as '[c0r1]' are replaced by the value of the cell, then evaluated.

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(Note that the value of a date cell is the number of ticks.) So the above examples might look like this before being evaluated: Basic math: 100+200 System.Math namespace: Math.Pow(1+.045,2) Strings: "$57".Trim().Replace("$","").Substring(0,1) Dates:DateTime d=new DateTime(632272996777884556);return d.Year; Formula cells are created like this: Spread1.AddCell(new FormulaCell(1,6,"[c1r4]*[c2r6]","Formula",NumericFormats.ToTheDollar)); See below for more examples of how formula cells work. Note also that there are two kinds of formulas, simple and multiline. The example below shows both types of formulas. Code used in this example Initialization of a spreadsheet Using MayerSoft.Web.Controls; private void Page_Init(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Spread1.LicenseKey="eL!NJ@2H3aF";//sample key } private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { if(!IsPostBack) { Spread1.Columns.Add(new Column(150)); Spread1.Columns.Add(new Column()); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,0,"Item 1","Label")); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,1,"Item 2","Label")); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,2,"Total","Label")); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,3,"Div by pct","Label")); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,4,"Result","Label")); Spread1.AddCell(new Cell(0,5,"Price

Asp Server Cells Contain. Text Labels Dates Numbers Formulas Templates Page.   MayerSoft.Web.Controls.Spreadsheet
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