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Fingerprint identification engine (SDK)

Fingerprint identification engine SDK (supports C, Visual Basic) - Windows Demo $299. Fingerprint identification engine VeriFinger is intended for biometric systems developers and integrators. VeriFinger ensures high reliability of the fingerprint identification, 1:1 and 1:N matching modes, comparison speed up to 20000 fingerprints per second, and requires only 512 kB of memory. Available as SDK for MS Windows (supports C/C++, Visual Basic 6). 2002 12 03 We released new VeriFinger 4.1 SDK. Main VeriFinger 4.1 differences from VeriFinger 4.0 are following: 1. Substantial improving of sample programs. Now sample programs include source code examples of fingerprint template compressing, fast search in the big databases, enrolled fingerprint checking for already existing duplicates etc.

VeriFinger 4.1   12-Mar-02   English   280 KB

At this time is available only Visual C and Visual Basic samples, Delphi and Java samples will be included soon. 2. Matching speed improving. VeriFinger 4.1 has only two matching speeds 'LOW' and 'HIGH'. Following is the comparison of VeriFinger 4.1 version matching speeds respect VeriFinger 4.0 version '0' and '5' speeds: Speed improvements in matched fingerprints pairs per second (for "AMD Athlon XP1.6+" processor) (1.4 GHz). Speed parameter 'LOW'/ '0' 'HIGH'/ '5' Without G VF 4.0 ~40 ~1700 VF 4.1 ~1100 ~3000 With G VF 4.0 ~200 ~8500 VF 4.1 ~5500 ~15000 3. Matching quality improvement. 'LOW' speed identification quality (in 'General' mode) is the same as VeriFinger 4.0 '0' identification quality. However 'HIGH' speed identification quality is much better than VeriFinger 4.0 '5' speed quality. 4. Like 4.0 version, VeriFinger 4.1 algorithm can process any scanner images ('General' mode), but it also contain optimized modes for particular scanners/sensors: DigitalPersona U.are.U, Identix Touch View, BiometriKa FX 2000, Precise Biometrics 100 SC, KeyTronis Security Desctop, ST Microelectronics TouchChip, Identicator Technology DF-90, AuthenTec AES4000 and AF-S2, Atmel FingerChip, BMF BLP-100, SecuGen Hamster scanners.

Recognition Identification Matching Biometric Security Scan. Crime Ridge SDK Access Control Pattern Criminalistics Engine Supports Visual Basic.   VeriFinger
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