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Awave Streaming Audio Converter COM library

AwCOM - The Awave Streaming Audio Converter COM library - Windows Software. The Awave Streaming Audio Converter COM library v3 from FMJ-Software, or AwCOM 3 for short, is technically a COM dual interface, in-process DLL server custom component. In practical terms this means that it is a software module that can easily be used from a variety of languages VisualBasic, Delphi, C++, .NET, and many more. It provides functions for converting between several different audio carrying file formats.

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It can also optionally perform several forms of processing on the audio data. The library is broken up into a modular set of filters that are connected in a graph through which the audio data is streamed. Most modules are licensed separately so you only have to pay for the parts that you use. AwCOM 3 was built as a wrapper on top of AwC++. AwC++ is C++ language class library from FMJ-Software designed for flexible audio handling, processing, conversion, and streaming. It is the basis for the award winning Awave Audio, ACDR, AnyTime and Chromatia Tuner software as well as being used in many third party products. The stability and reliability of the code underlying the AwCOM 3 component has thus been proved in real-world use in a wide variety of applications all over the world.

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