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Network-enable .NET projects instantly

Announcer for .NET allows your projects to talk to each other on a local network - Windows Software $100. Network-enable your projects, with a few simple clicks: The Announcer component for .NET allows your projects to talk to each other on a local network, with no hassles. Lightweight The Announcer is a self-contained, lightweight message-passing component, to enable your .NET projects to communicate on a local area network. Extremely low CPU utilization, small memory footprint, and automatic detection and connection-handling functionality enable you, the developer, to focus on your software, not on debugging messy networking code. Automatic Using the Announcer component is simple to use.

Announcer 1.0   2-Aug-06   English   683 KB

Just create an instance of the Announcer Server, give it a Service Identifier, and you are ready to go. Instances of the Announcer Client initialized with the same Service Identifier will automatically detect the Announcer Server and connect to it. Automatic connection handling means you don't have to worry about monitoring the connection. It will reconnect as necessary to the Server instance in case of connectivity glitches. Reliable delivery With the Announcer component, you can be certain your messages arrive in a reliable manner. WYSIWYG: What you send is what you get. Our flow control system allows you to be completely certain whether your message was delivered as sent or not. No need to add complex verification functions: the Announcer component already verifies every byte you send and receive. Write less, do more The Announcer lets you just worry about handling your messages, in whatever form they may come: byte arrays, strings, MemoryStreams, and even ISerializable objects, natively! Simple services, in minutes In just a few minutes, you can create self-contained services, just by adding handlers to the connection and data reception events. The Announcer component even creates Performance Counter data for each Announcer Server instance you create, letting you monitor your services right out of the box.

Communications Remoting Vb Sockets. Allows Projects Talk Local Network Enable Instantly.   Announcer
  • Software Download from Fernando Sanchez
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Expires after 15 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: .NET Framework 1.1