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Ajaxium - AJAX for ASP.NET with no coding

Ajaxium - codelessly AJAX-enable any new or existing ASP.NET application - Windows Software $349. Ajaxium 1.5 is designed as an ultimate AJAX container for the entire ASP.NET pages including all standard, custom and most of third-party ASP.NET controls. In contrast to other AJAX-based approaches, Ajaxium-powered sites remain accessible to search engines and old browsers due to an automatic and silent degradation to classic ASP.NET. One of the Ajaxium advantages is that the client-side code doesn't rely on the browser's version and there is no hard-coded "browser compatibility list" built-in. Even search spiders are considered as visitors with no JavaScript support. To increase accessibility further, Ajaxium allows developers to switch back to ASP.

Ajaxium v1.5 1.5   1-Sep-06   English   5.5 MB

NET at any time for any visitor. No previous knowledge of the AJAX development technique is needed, which makes Ajaxium 2.0 a prefect solution even for beginners. Preservation of the standard page life-cycle and complete support of server-side features and technologies, including caching, sessions, authorization, master-pages, etc. makes Ajaxium an interesting solution for advanced developers as well. Among the key benefits that Ajaxium offers is the freedom from being constrained by a fixed set of existing components. This follows directly from the software functionality, which focuses on the page content and improves ASP.NET controls. Even each of your own ASP.NET controls becomes AJAX-enabled as soon as it follows minimal compatibility limitations. In addition, most of third-party controls also become AJAX-ed. This approach differs from a complete replacement of all existing ASP.NET controls with their AJAX-ed equivalents, this way making Ajaxium a more advanced tool on the market. Ajaxium increases developers' productivity, making their job as easy as creating traditional ASP.NET applications. Working only with classic ASP.NET 1.0 or 2.0 in any of the .NET languages, developers can create complete AJAX solutions faster than their competitors making use of conventional techniques.

Asp Web Control Component Callback Hidden. Postback Framework Library Assembly Codelessly Enable Existing Application Coding.   Ajaxium v1.5
  • Software Download from Michael Kolmogradsev
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  • WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: New Features Added: + Intelligent Performance Advisor + Easy Mode (see demo) + Compatibility with the Prototype JavaScript library + Timers + Loading Notification Panels
  • Requirements: ASP.NET