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Map Suite Engine is a .NET component

Map Suite Engine is a powerful and feature-rich low level component - Windows Software $4794. Map Suite Engine is a powerful and feature-rich low level component that enables C# and VB.NET software developers to generate great-looking map images for presentations. At the heart of the Map Suite product line is a non-visual component library designed to generate maps. With this tool in your hands, you will be able to roll your own mapping control in Winforms or integrate a mapping solution with a legacy ASP web on the internet. Map Suite Engine handles the drawing and provides the tools; the rest is up to you. Unlike legacy COM or .NET compatible products, Map Suite Engine is a true .

Map Suite Engine 2.0   20-Feb-06   English   15.1 MB

NET component. Being one of the first .NET mapping control providers on the market, ThinkGeo LLC combines both experience and cutting-edge technology to bring powerful mapping components to the .NET development community. Developing a compelling mapping and geospatial application should not be difficult if you have the right tools, and Map Suite Engine provides all the tools you need. Further, Map Suite Engine cuts through all of the cryptic APIs and confusing terminology to deliver a user-friendly .NET component. Regardless of your GIS background, you can literally build a first-class spatial application in a matter of minutes. 1 Reference the component in your project. 2 Drag a picture box on a new form. 3 Enter a few lines of code & click play. Map Suite Engine is loaded with many new and exciting features that include some of the following: Custom data plotting, Shapefile (.shp) data support, spatial and distance querying, SQL querying from Shapefiles, custom rendering, direct map drawing, a complete library of geographic and decimal degree functions, and a scale bar component. Finally, to help you get started, Map Suite Engine ships with a large set of sample applications in VB.NET and C#.

Component Mapping Spatial Application Low. Level Presentations Visual Library Powerful Feature Rich.   Map Suite Engine
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  • WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • Changes since the last release: Now Supports Visual Studio 2005
  • Requirements: 400 MHz Processor with 256mb of RAM