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Java Swing Calendar Component

Java Date Picker component ready to use in Swing applications - Windows Software $50. This is a Java component ready to use in Swing applications and has the following features: - simple and documented interface - ready to use with hands-on sample code - skins styles support - combo box (date selection edit/button) support - multiple date selection - disabled dates support - null date support - status panel containing the Today and None buttons - special highlighting for weekends and month - adjacent months days turn on/off flag - custom renderers for background, days, weekday and week number cells - set first day of week, set days names length - set length of months names (ex. Dec, Decem, December) - low price, free support & updates

Java Calendar Component 4.0   15-Mar-06   English   1.8 MB

Date Picker. Swing Ready Applications.   Java Calendar Component
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