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Get HDD model,serial and revision number

Win32 dll and static library to get HDD model,serial and revision number - Windows Demo $15. Get IDE HDD model, serial and revision number for all IDE drives in a system.WIN32 DLL and static library in one package.Not WMI, only windows API.Very small and fast. No need for administrative rights.

AS HDGET WIN32 DLL 2.1   1-Oct-05   English   27 KB

Just one function call to remember.Use it with C/C++, VB,Delphi,XBASE++,FOX...Other data for IDE HDD we don't return because we think that ONLY THIS is interesting for application if we want to protect it. So, this little library will do the job. In this demo version you will get full model description, but serial and revision number will be only 5 chars long.Try it.

Static Serial Number. Model Revision Library HDD.   AS HDGET WIN32 DLL
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  • WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP
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