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Patentstein Browser: Patent Search Software

Patent searching software for Inventors, Tech Managers and Patent Professionals - Windows Demo $175. The Patentstein Browser... a patent search tool for serious inventors, technology managers and patent pros whose time means money the ultimate application for online patent searching, collaboration and knowledge management... Imagine a typical scenario - You prepare your online patent search, pre-defining project keywords and your search query. Then you go online: everywhere you go is organized in association with the search goal, you sign post along the way for later access by you or those who you allow to follow along: all sites visited are automatically rated for relevance to your goal.

The Patentstein Browser   4-Jan-04   English   3.3 MB

The Patentstein Browser gives you the tools needed to focus, organize and record your thoughts in project form so that you can share your conclusions with your patent attorney, a colleague, or your client, in a customized online tour, if you wish. With the Patentstein Browser: Drag and drop snippets of web based prior art into appropriate categories and save together with your comments. Find relevant information fast using our Project Keyword highlighter and scrolling system. Automatically save your nav trail to your search project. Add detailed comments as you bookmark pertinent prior art. Automatically rate all visited sites according to your search query or defined keywords. Create executive summary tours to share with colleagues or clients. Access your search projects from anywhere. Team up with colleagues or clients on your search projects. Collaborate in real-time on project content and documents. Record team search time for client billing/statistics reports. Encrypt sensitive material. Post your results on a secure server, accessible by clients using Internet Explorer. Interruptions? No problem - resume where you left off! The Patentstein Browser transforms otherwise transient search results into reusable knowledge!

Search Patentrecherchen Technology Manager Attorney Information Austria Database Davinci Deutschland International Intellectual Inventor Leonardo Link Property Switzerland Trademark. Uspto Idea Network Press Release Registered Law Office Monitoring United States Registration Design Bountyquest Datenbank Geistig Erfindung Forschung Eigentum Der Vereinigten Erfindungsgedanke Neue Schweitz Pressemitteilung Eingetragenes Warenzeichen Patentanwalt Patentidee Patentmarke Berwachung Markenname Markeneintragung.   The Patentstein Browser
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000
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  • Requirements: PC with 32 megs RAM, Windows and IE 4.1 or greater