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Convert IP to dotless format and vice-versa

Compute a dotless IP from a dotted one and vice-versa (in Pro edition only) - Windows Software $10. IPalt converts a dotted IPv4 address to a dotless one and vice-versa. In intranet, member area or extranet, it makes sense to hide the client's IP in different log files at server side, client side or on the route (ISP, Gateway, etc), whatever be the protocol in use (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, Telnet, etc.). For this, use of a dotless IP makes things less directly readable than using a dotted one or an explicit domain name. E.G. : fictive FFh Lab's public ftp server at would has the IP 65.39.129.

IPalt 2.0 LITE/PRO   14-Jun-05   English   189 KB

196 (found with ping.exe) which is the equivalent of the dotless IP 1093108164 (found with IPalt). Then, unless if blocked or unresolvable, you could reach this FTP site using "ftp.exe 1093108164" at DOS prompt, or "ftp://1093108164" in Opera, Netscape or Mozilla. Thus, if you're a webmaster or network admin, you should be able to provide a link like stuff to any "compatible" clients. IDEA : use the dotless format to write down discreet URL on a post-it or in your diary. Of course, IPalt being able to convert back a dotless representation to a dotted one (using the Pro edition), you'll always be comfortable to retrieve or reveal the original dotted format. WARNING : originally (in 1999), IPalt was created to increase confidentiality, helping surfers to hide where they go online and webmasters to build more discreet links and areas... But, since this date, and even if it still works for a lot of protocols and programs, dotless format has arbitrarily been blocked by Microsoft from Internet Explorer 5.01. Knowing this, HTTP case remains manageable in a framework where it's possible to use compatible software only. IPalt has been written by Eric LEQUIEN in C/C++/asm.

Tool Mask Hide Encrypt Confidentiality Privacy. Surf Browse Explorer Netscape Dotless Dotted Vice Versa Edition Convert Format.   IPalt 2.0 LITE/PRO
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