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Generate playlists with up to 9999 entries

Generate playlists with up to 9999 entries or 31 days with one mouseclick - Windows Demo $109. With the Moodmixer-Channelmanager you can produce perfect music playlists for your internet radio station or your iPod, as well as administrate different channels in one application. 3 different playlist control algorithms are available: 1) Ranking: rate tracks, artists or music styles and thus influence their usage: the higher a ranking, the more a track gets frequented. By defining ranking groups you can set the non-static play frequency of hot rotation, current and fill content 2) Group control: distributes the same value evenly across a playlists( i.

Moodmixer-Channelmanager 1.0   21-Jan-08   Multilingual   19.1 MB

e. all tracks of the same artist are being distributed homogeneously across the playlist). 3) Smoothing control: set felt tempo or rhythm values and help to prevent hard differences from one track to the next. Logs, a repeat prevention and a prior day block also help to produce most lively playlist mixes. All controls work in a non-destructive way- if a title pool is too small, some setting rules might be broken for a short period of time. Moodmixer-Channelmanager can ingest title pool tables from other applications in xls, xml, txt format and reads mp3-tags. With the Channelmanager, most of classical profiling isnt needed anymore. By just using one ranking control best mixes are already created. You can rotate adverts like tracks by giving them a specific ranking value- the best distribution is being calculated by the playlist generator itself. Within the Channelmanager you can add new descriptive columns if you need. You can produce playlists in the format m3u, pls, smil or xml. ATTENTION: By using the Channelmanager in combination with the Moodmixer-Player or the Moodmixer-Webservice you can fully automated a 24/7 nonstop playlist generation. You go on holiday- your radio will run smoothly on its own. Perfect for internet radios. Inquire at

Playlist Mp3 M3u Pls Radio Online. Ipod Generator Automation Music Scheduling 9999 Entries 31 Days Mouseclick.   Moodmixer-Channelmanager
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Win Tablet PC Edition 2005, Win Media Center Edition 2005, WinVista
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  • Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0