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Find duplicate music files by audio content

Find and eliminate duplicate music files by audio content. Has MP3 tag editor - Windows Software. If you are a music fan and a proud owner of a large MP3 collection, this application is for you. It will help you order and sort your music files. The same composition may occur in your collection multiple times in different files, with different formats and quality of recording. The tags could be missing or inconsistent. Previously the only way to find such duplicates was to listen to the records.

Music Content Inspector 1.0   31-May-07   English   897 KB

Not anymore. Music Content Inspector (MCI) will find duplicates even if the files are different. MCI scans selected directories and reads the musical content of the files. That's right! It's not just doing it the old fashioned way by reading the tags and file names or calculating hashes. It reads the content and extracts salient features of the recordings (NOT comparing files byte by byte). The files don't have to be identical. If they contain the same record they will be identified as duplicates even if the files are different due to different compression, different quality, or even presence of some noise. This feature is unique for the applications of this class. In addition to finding duplicates MCI has a built-in tag editor and a file manager. MCI also compiles a full report on quality of the files in your music collection with respect to quality of the file formats and completeness of metadata in tags.

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  • WinXP
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  • Requirements: Pentium III-800, 256MB RAM, 50 MB HDD space