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Website Builder ClipCollect 2.0

ClipCollect is a personal database for text snippets and a website builder. Gathering data with ClipCollect means creating a website automatically. Furthermore ClipCollect can convert any directory contents of your hard drive to HTML and build a complete website out of it with only 3 mouse clicks.

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ClipCollect's building process looks like this:
  • copy and paste text snippets from Windows Clipboard
  • auto format, edit and assemble these clips
  • save the resulting plain text notes to a database
  • convert that database or any other directory and all of its contents automatically to HTML
  • create a website, a manual or catalogue, an eBook or image gallery with 3 mouse clicks

Download Freeware ClipCollect for Windows

Installer download

Zip file download

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Features of and ideas behind ClipCollect:

Download Freeware ClipCollect
ClipCollect download

The easy and recommended way: Just download the installer, doubleclick the file and follow the instructions - the installation takes only some seconds. The installer-version has an uninstaller.

Alternatively you can download the zip file, if you like to do the installation yourself. You will need a tool for unzipping. Installation is done by simply extracting all of its contents into any directory and creating a link in the start menu to ClipCollect.exe. Beyond that both versions are identical.

ClipCollect's Online Help Manual has more information about its data collecting and website building capabilities. The help manual is generated by ClipCollect itself in two slightly different versions as an online help manual and as a disk based or install file included one. Both use the same source files but have a different configuration with a specific header, footer and css file.

Web sites generated with ClipCollect:


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